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A  convention T-shirt with a set background and design, 
but if you pre-order,  your choice of an early or late, coupe or convertible, 
FC or wagon, or  even an ultra. Can this be done? Would it even be 
conceivable that instead  of a conventioner buying one shirt, he may now buy 
2 or 3, each  different?

Don't get me wrong, I think this sort of personalization would be a great  
idea. It might even have a second benefit to increase the number of pre  
registrations. This can be a big worry for any event planner, especially if it's  the 
first time for the event. How many people are going to come? How many shirts  
do we need? The number of shirt sales usually decreases greatly after the 
event  is over. We had about 60% pre registration for the Roundup.

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