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Subject: <VV> Rocker Arms
---------- Third, I would appreciate a consensus of what works.  I know of the roller rockers from Ray S and the originals rockers.  I will be building my first 
Corvair engine by myself soon and I would like to know which replacement parts 
have the seal of approval. I will not, however, under any circumstances use SBC 
rockers, unless someone can convince me I am misguided.  The rest of the 
argument, I just can't understand and I think there must be others who don't 
rebuild engines on a regular basis who would love to know the answers to these 

Ron Byers
Largo, FL

If my get-another-Corvair urges kick in a little harder I expect I'll have to play some reindeer games and check that the rocker tips bear at the center of the valve tip, or at least does not get too close to the stem's edge at zero and full lift for my exact combination of cylinder, head, and gasket .  Oh, and also that rocker slot does not reach the stud at full or zero lift.  If the arm and ratio are approximately right, I expect monkeying with push rod length will probably achieve good operating geometry.  Some would say those checks are part of good thoughtful engine assembly anyway.

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