<VV> Apparently,VIN number 5996 is a Corsa model

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Sun Oct 16 19:25:10 EDT 2005

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It was  Williams Chevrolet 
in Elkton at that time who had it for sale.  I  heard that at the Atlantic 
City car show they were asking 10 or 12 K for  it and still couldn't sell it. 
I called them about a month before the  Newark, DE Corvair show this year

According to the 2003 issue of the 1969 Registry this car was last owned by  
Bruce Mooers in Napa, CA.  I guess it's done a lot of traveling since  2003 or 
it's confused with another car!!!!!
Bill "Swamp-Rat" Hadley
Denham Springs, LA

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