<VV> Re: POWERGLIDES that darn seal!

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sun Oct 16 21:14:30 EDT 2005

i too have had issues with power glides as they age. they used to be the most 
trouble free way to go and ran nice.  now things are a lot older and need to 
be dealt with differently. i still think that the seal that is causing your 
major leak from the bell housing is the seal inside the differential at the end 
of the pinion shaft.it requires a press to do correctly, no hammers!  you may 
need to replace the little ring on the shaft also.  i would get the kit from 
the vendors.it aint fun to change but if your unit is in otherwise good shape 
you can save a lot of setup time by carefully marking the axle sleeves and 
pinion retainer sleeve with a punch ( i use one of those self actuating ones) and 
counting the turns on each one. if you keep a note, and bearings etc look ok 
(no galling or rust marks etc) you should be able to put it together again 
without much complications. just get a feel of the gears before and  after. i have 
done this carefully a couple times without any troubles.  that seal will look 
good but it is the only thing there to cause this trouble and has always 
fixed the units i did. just clean everything carefully and relube well. i use 
assembly lube or stp like stuff when putting it back together.i like to dump a can 
of stp type stuff  in any unit i do also while cover is off. hope this helps.
regards, tim colson

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