<VV> Corsa on the road

Don Schaefer fry_cook at excite.com
Sun Oct 16 21:57:00 EDT 2005

 65 and sunny is a good day to drive a Corsa for the first time! I bought it in June, worked on it most Saturdays all summer- missed 2 for Portland-.Got it ready for the road on Sat and drove it home today. About 85 miles and 4 quarts of oil. So I know I have issues, but the PO couldn't remember what they were when I purchased it from him. Only knew there was gas in the oil. The engine does not produce a cloud of smoke even at hiway speed, but you can smell it whenever it's running. I did get it up to 65mph, 3500rpm. Never did obtain boost. Wife "followed" me about a half mile ahead so as not to inhale.  I was running without a vac retard- it's on order-, but what a great afternoon it was! I want to say thanks to all of you who share your knowledge and experience with the rest of us. There are many of us lurking out here who read anything we can to learn more about our Vairs. I'll go back to lurking now.Don Schaefer

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