<VV> 5 speed

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sun Oct 16 23:40:47 EDT 2005

>I just saw a DMC 12 (Delorian), Maybe the transaxle from that is usable. It
>used a Renault transaxle,

Another remote possibility is the 1986-1988 Vixen motorhome which used a 
BMW 2.5 liter turbodiesel and a Renault transaxle. It was a straight six 
but positioned similar to the Covair. The Vixen is a quite fascinating 
story and Bill Campbell also worked on the DeLorean so the powertrain 
relationship is not unlikely.

Was advertised as a 30 mpg RV and surpassed that in some early tests though 
personally do not care for belt driven cams and BMW prices. The last ones 
had 3800 Buicks in them and I may look for one of those someday.


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