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Please see below.
Bob Helt

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> I took one of my new (from a well known vender, now dormant) Rochesters 
> apart tonight in order to "soak the air horn gaskets and the venturi 
> cluster gaskets in regular motor oil".  

Excuse me, but WHY??? Why take a carb apart just to soak the gaskets in motor 
oil? I can't believe that someone would suggest this. If having taken the 
carb apart for some other reason, and if the gaskets are still intact, you could 
*maybe* reuse them. But why would you take a carb apart to soak the gaskets in 
oil??? It make no sense and putting oil into the carb is asking for residue 
buildup and things sticking.

It was recommended that I do so > by a club member.  

Please stay away from that person in the future. 

I, rightly as it turned out, figured that it was 
> probably pointless to try to save them after almost a year (10/4/2004 
> is my meltdown commemoration date), but with little else to do as I try 
> to find a remedy for my piston clearance dilemma, I took one of them 
> apart a few minutes ago.  I think that may be why the Corvair gods gave 
> us two carburetors, so greenhorns like myself can look at one while we 
> try to figure how it goes back together (hopefully correctly).  Anyhow, 
> it was missing a fuel filter gasket, the needle seat gasket, and the 
> needle seat.  Can a carburetor operate without these items?  

YES except for the lack of a needle SEAT. Without the seat, gas will just 
pour into the bowl. Rebuilt by a reputable vendor you say???? Are you sure it's 
missing the seat????

Mine ran 
> fine for at least fifty miles!  Remember, I can't take the other one 
> apart until I get this one back together, so I don't know what 
> condition it's in or which parts it has.  I will have to re-order a 
> bowl cover gasket on the first one as it tore around several of the 
> cover screw holes when I removed the cover.
> My question is, how do you take the float spring pin out.  Do you just 
> pull it out with pliers?  

Yes, it just slides into place.

Will the spring action be altered once it 
> comes out?  Will it need to be re-tensioned?

No and no.

> Stephen Upham

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