<VV> UPDATE: Rampy Runs but Races

Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Mon Oct 17 10:50:18 EDT 2005

Before I tell everyone what the stupid mechanic did that caused the engine
to race I would like to thank all who responded to my post.  After reading
the suggestions that included 1) wrong timing, 2) linkage adjustment, 3)
huge vacuum leak, and 4) wrong adjustment on idle speed screw I put my brain
to work thinking back through each step of putting this thing together.
Saturday night I slept on it, nothing came from that, Sunday came and I went
to church, returned home to have lunch and load up the lawn mowers to go
mow.  While mowing one can really think about things and it was Corvair
thoughts racing through my brain.  It suddenly occurred to me what the
problem was.  The stupid mechanic had just a few minutes one day and hooked
up the throttle linkage, not having enough time to adjust it he thought that
he would remember to do it later.  Well as you all know later came after the
engine started for the first time and took off for the high RPM range.  A
quick turn of the set screw on the cable and all was better for a quick
test.  The high RPM range didn't come when fired up!


Thanks to all who helped kick start my brain into thinking what I missed.  I
should fire the mechanic but then I couldn't learn from his mistakes.  


Now with the racing issue solved I will move on to the next issue.  She runs
pretty rough on idle and as you rev her up.  That mechanic must have
overlooked something simple again.  I will keep you posted when I find out
more as time allows (probably won't get to it until next week).


Keith Hammett


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