<VV> 85 miles-4 qts

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Mon Oct 17 11:46:30 EDT 2005

It sounds like the oil seal on the turbo is shot and it's pumping oil 
into the engine.  I'll bet the exhaust pipe is oily.  Given that you 
also have no boost suggests a rebuilt turbo is in your future.  BTW, 
you probably don't want to tear the whole thing down, it's not leaking 
and otherwise runs well, so I'd look at just fixing the turbo.
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On Oct 17, 2005, at 11:39 AM, Don Schaefer wrote:

>  Based on the POs statement, and what I had picked up from what I had 
> read, I replaced the fuel pump, changed oil and filter before I even 
> started it. Before driving it home I replaced the fuel tank, hoses, 
> filters, AND the fuel return which was blocked off at the filter. The 
> old oil showed no sign or smell of fuel and doesn't now. There is just 
> a dime sized oil spot on my concrete, so it must be burning it? I'll 
> be the first to admit I am inexperienced concerning engines and engine 
> work. I have a Chevy mechanic who will advise me, but I'm not sure how 
> much he knows about Corvairs. I have most of the books to help. 
> ThanksDon Schaefer

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