<VV>Do it Yourself truing of WIRE WHEELS

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> Truing a wire wheel is no job for an amateur, although I should just send 
> you to the book or archives: (Sorry! Couldn't resist!)  Although I could 
> reproduce the procedure here, I fear that would be counterproductive for this 
> forum.  Please contact me offline and I will try to brush away the cobwebs in my 
> old brain and help you out.
> Ron Byers,
What??   You've been paying too much for a muffler if you believe that!  I 
retitled so this will come up in a search of the archives!  gggg

1   Dismount tire

2   Using a brick and Coathanger [ brick is base]  :

A    Bend / point  end of Wire at a place on the hub, with  0.005"  gap [ 
feeler gauge ] where nothing hits it during it's 360 deg. of rotation.
B    Rotate wheel  looking for differences in the gap during 360 deg. of 
rotation   MEASURE  smallest / largest.   This verifies the spindle / hub.
C    Move wire to outer edge of rim [ same as A]  Perform "B"   This verifies 
the  "out of round"
D    Move wire to outer SIDE of rim [ same as A]  Perform "B"   This verifies 
the   "runout" [wobble]

Common sense  will allow you to adjust spokes to get it TRUE [ straight]

Spoke torque is best measured with a "crowsfoot"  on the torque wrench

NOTE    Large diameter spokes CANNOT be TUNED by ear [ as bicycles /MC's can] 
 unless you're KING KONG!

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