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> I really don't know too much, but from acquaintance with a fellow who
> does, who started in sand rails with Vair powered dune buggies, his
> mid-engine V-6 &V-8 rigs are using a later model Porsche transaxle
> that is running from $5K and up, not really a setup for someone (like
> me) who has other obligations and doesn't have extra money floating
> around.  The claim is that this transaxle is the *only* one that will
> hold up to the power of the modified V-8's.

On the WEB...you can find shops with  Volkswagen BUS [ 68-75[?]  that can 
handle   200hp easily....$800-1100.....depending on what gears, etc...

For most of us [ 6 cyl]  more than adequate....and you get a choice of 3-5  
OD  ratios...[ cheap..no one wants them].

This would allow a 4.xx?  diff. ratio with 30% OD....

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