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Thu Oct 20 11:35:31 EDT 2005

They built the same looking bus from '68 to '79 but they only used the 
Type IV engine from '72 thru '79. These are the best trannies. Gear 
ratios changed a bit over the years as the engine got bigger (1700cc to 
1800cc and then 2000cc -  a whopping 67 HP!). The Vanagon used a very 
similar aircooled engine until 1983.5 model year but the shifter 
arrangement changed. still might meet your needs. All were 4 speeds. 5 
speeds started in mid-80's on the rare Synchro models which had a 
Granny 1st gear and stock 2-5 gears that matched the 4 speeds as I 
understand it. Expensive because they are desireable with us VW nuts... 
The Porsche 901 tranny isn't expensive ($300 or so) with a huge number 
of gear ratios available but the 915 tranny (tranny number, not car 
number) is a better, stronger tranny. More expensive though. Gene Berg 
has a 5 speed Beetle conversion kit and rumors that they will have a VW 
Bus tranny kit available eventually. Hope this helps... Chris
Cookeville, TN
'78 VW Westy (Corvair powered/Corvair shifted)
'65 Beetle 2.0 (Type IV, want 5 speed Berg someday)

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