corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Mon Oct 17 18:22:55 EDT 2005

   In all this discussion about assistance I have a suggestion.
        The biggest problem with giving tech assistance on the internet 
is that it's really a very primative form of communication. In fact, 
it's a throwback to the Victorian era when everyone sent letters back 
and forth. The only 2 differences is that now we type (which is a slight 
time/effort improvement over hand writing) and the delivery time is 
instantaneous instead of however long the mail would take. Of course the 
mail time was never any effort expended on our parts - only the actual 
composition of the letter.
         If someone out there has a specific technical question where 
"private replies are requested" why not give your phone number? 
Alexander Graham Bell invented a wonderful machine. It involves no 
typing or writing and the response time is instantaneous. Not only that 
but your questions can be immediatly replied to. What can take literally 
an hours worth of time in typing and composition can be done over Mr. 
Bells invention is about 5 minutes. It's truly an amazing form of 
         This is why, when I'm e mailed with a technical question(s) 
that will involve more than a one-time single paragraph respectfully 
answer I insist that they call me. And yes, a certain number of those 
folks ask me "You mean I have to call you on my dime to get your free 
technical assistance?" I respectfully answer - "Yes". I know that's 
cruel and unfair, but, well " it's an unfair world where truth and 
justice triumph only in theatrical performances".  Lon


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