Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 19:14:26 EDT 2005

-----The biggest problem with giving tech assistance on the internet 
is that it's really a very primative form of communication.-------


The biggest advantages I see are convenience and speed. Back in the Stone Age when I wrote a newsletter for an R/C aircraft club, I typed on a Selectric III, meaning any mistakes I saw after it came out of the machine were covered with "correction tape" and retyped, or I typed a new paragraph and glued it over the problem. I took the masters to a reproduction shop, waited two days to get it back, spent an evening folding, stamping and putting on labels the night before it spent three days in the mail to our members.

Now I can write my grandson's cub scout newsletter or a VV post in record time, and you and I get to notice all the mistakes within moments after I send it! 


Chuck Kubin

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