<VV> RE:rebuilding a turbo

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 17 19:44:37 EDT 2005

<You will need a turbo rebuild kit containing the needed seals and IIRC,
the shaft nut. >

You will also need a few more tools and things - to do it correctly - :-),
such as: 
- safety goggles
- a good dial indicator kit with stand and holder
- VERY large snap ring pliers (not usually available in stores)
- Air compressor and socket/ratchet tool to remove the impeller nut (see
original note)
- an hydraulic press
- VERY thin feeler gauges
- a toaster oven that will hit 450
- large punch
- note pad and pen to record gauge reading
- mathematics ability with decimals
- Vaseline (not for what you're thinking....)
- torque wrench
- 2 large C-clamps
- Something to grind off the build up in the turbine housing
- Rotating wire brush
- Selection of good cleaning brushes
- Something to clean the carbon out of the oil seal ring mounting slot
- and possibly a selection of shims for the bearing and impeller adjustments
- ability to decipher a less than perfect shop manual with pictures that
don't always match the text
- VERY good hand cleaner
- patience
- bottle of peroxide (for what you're thinking)
- Etc.
The Carb/turbomeister

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