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Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 05:00:21 EDT 2005

Being a cheapskate (or at the very least thrifty) I have procured all
my domain names, server space, etc from http://www.simplehost.com. I've
found the deal to be good, there are a zillion services and features
included (most of which I'll probably never use) but my favorite is
that you get UNLIMITED server space at no additional charge. They'll
set you up with the domain name of your choice (assuming it's
available) and give you a place to put it.  Their tutorials on line
have been helpful when I was starting out, and customer service has
been excellent.
Oh, sure, I can get this thru my ISP, but it costs more, and I'm very
limited to server space...I believe they give 10 megs, and it costs
more past that. But when y ou want to upload tons of pictures, sound
files, movie clips, etc...10 mets lasts me about a day and a half. 

So..just another one to look at. I have three of my own sites with
them, and the radio station where I work also uses them...cause lord
knows we need all the server space we can get.

Tim in Bovey

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