<VV> Domain names (very little Corvair)

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Tue Oct 18 06:52:24 EDT 2005


>I'm looking for some help registering a web domain name. The Google I did  
>came up with several different outfits with even more pricing options. I haven't 
>done this before and would like some advice from those that have.
I researched this about a year ago because I needed to set aside about 
50 domain names.  The service I found to be the cheapest was at 
http://www.hostway.com.  You can register a domain name there for $6.95 
a year.  By contrast, Network Solutions (the big kahuna in the industry) 
charges $34.95 per year.  Yahoo! (and others) will occasionally 
advertise domain name registrations for $4.95/year, but if you read the 
fine print, that price is only for the first year and it's $7.95 per 
year thereafter.

At hostway, all you need is an available domain name and a credit card.  
They also have a "domain forwarding" feature in which you can point the 
domain at any other URL you wanted (e.g., 
www.corvair.org/chapters/chapter672).  In that way, you could achieve 
your primary objective of letting people type a shorter name 
(WichitaCorvairs.org), but you wouldn't have to do anything else.  Your 
chapter's existing website would just work as is.  You would also avoid 
having to pay a hosting service to host your site since my understanding 
is that CORSA provides this to chapters for free.  If not, I also can 
point you toward a cheap and reliable hosting service that I have used 
for several years.

If you really want to save some typing, both KCorvairs.com (Kansas 
Corvairs) and WCorvairs.com (WitchitaCorvairs) are available.

If you have any other detailed questions, please write me offline.  I 
only answered this portion here because I thought a few others might be 


Steven "finally, a question I can help with" Serenska

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