<VV> Domain names (very little Corvair)

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Tue Oct 18 10:12:50 EDT 2005


> Yahoo! (and others) will occasionally advertise domain name 
> registrations for $4.95/year, but if you read the fine print, that 
> price is only for the first year and it's $7.95 per year thereafter. 

As the story of my life goes, I no sooner wrote the words above than I 
opened a Yahoo! window and saw that they are currently advertising a web 
registration price of $2.95/year.....apparently forever.

Yahoo seems like they have all the features Hostway offers.  Other than 
the fact that I have no experience with their service, this would appear 
to be the better deal:



Steven "routinely buys things nanoseconds before a faster/better/cheaper 
alternative appears" Serenska

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