<VV> Apparently, number 5996 is a Corsa model...

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Oct 18 14:12:46 EDT 2005

At 06:14 hours 10/18/2005, Bob Lindsey wrote:
>Padgett wrote:
>>> >And if you look very closely at the dealer oil drip tray under the >engine
>>> >it's between the front wheels..
>>...to catch the brake fluid.
>And possibly, whomever sets up the display vehicles in the showroom 
>is not familiar with Vairs.  Automatically puts drip pan in front on 
>all cars on display.

I wonder if they put the pan in front for Beetles, Porsches, MR-2s, 
Fieros, Lotuses, etc.

Even when I was a kid, *I* still had enough friggin' common sense to 
figure out which end of the car the engine was in.    How brainless 
does somebody have to be to not notice?    Clueless or just plain ignorant?

This is a sad reflection on society as we know it in this day and 
age.    When they talk about the dumbing down of a nation they 
weren't kidding.


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