<VV> Corvair weekend

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Tue Oct 18 22:32:39 EDT 2005

Had a good weekend - soccer and baseball on Saturday, then Sunday our 
local Corvair club's fall tour in the Greenbrier. We even dropped the 
kids off so it was just us and the dog, on a nice tour through the 
Virginia hills. One time it's good to be the last car is on a tour like 
this, we got to watch the other Corvairs the whole time, and catch the 
reactions of folks when our little parade went by. Best was a couple of 
kids, you could see one saying "What!?!?" as we passed

The 110 for the '66 Corsa is coming along, it's (I hope) a ready to go 
longblock so I'm just cleaning and resealing. Corvair engines are 
generally pretty durable, so I'm hoping it runs ok, so far everything 
looks good inside. There were the usual leaks and I'm putting in new 
crank seals since I figure the old ones are fairly tired. I got the 
last of the gaskets and seals done today, so next I'll deflash the 
heads and then start putting shrouds on. I'd like to be installing the 
engine sometime early November - hopefully I'll have a little more time 
to work then since the kids' sports seasons will be over.

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