<VV> Re: What killed the corvair? / Vega and Pinto

Matthew R. Morter r65vair at aol.com
Wed Oct 19 01:15:36 EDT 2005

You might have a point Chuck.  Corvair production in 1968 was 15,400 
units, and as we all know, 6,000 were produced in 1969.  The Vega was 
introduced in 1971, the same year as the Pinto, and Chevrolet sold 
274,699 units that first year.  A 1969 Corvair two door coupe list for 
$2,522.  Two years later, a two door Vega coupe list for $2,196.  GM was 
more concerned with recovering market share from the econo imports than 
making an exceptional car like the Corvair.  Interestingly, the Vega 
only lasted through the 1977 model year, when it was rolled into the 
Monza line.

Matthew Morter
'65 Monza Convertible

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 > Hey gang,
 > When did the Vega come out (to compete with the
 > Pinto?) Would it not be more difficult to continue
 > making a car that had declining sales, when you're
 > trying to launch something new, like a small econo
 > waterpumper?

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