<VV> how do you "nader killed the corvair"

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Wed Oct 19 14:04:14 EDT 2005

At 09:44 hours 10/18/2005, Padgett wrote:

>>after i say i have a corvair, most every person states that it was the "car
>>that nader killed"
>See J. Pat O'Malley's comment in the Gumball Rally (one of my 
>favorite movies).

...was he the guy who said that in spite of his wife complaining to 
him to get rid of his car,  it outlasted her...?    I liked that one 
myself seeing as how that principle has proven to be true in my 
instance a time or two as well.   I don't know how many times I've 
had people deliver disparaging remarks  about my '60 4-door daily 
driver/beater, 45 years old now and it's still here.

I also liked Raoul Julia's remark:

"Now, the first rule of Italian driving:  What's behind me is not 
important."   ....as he snaps off the rear-view mirror and tosses it 
over his shoulder.

Then there was Michael Sarrazan's comment about his "old" Cobra when 

"Is that some sort of vintage car?"

"Some things get meaner when they get older."

...then there's the Jag team, trying to get their XK-E started...

"Magnificent design...  wish it ran."


PS:    Gumball was a low budget film.   No fancy film visual effects, 
or inserted "race car" tricked up sound effects, just what was taped 
from the actual cars that were genuinely raced during this 
film.     The soundtrack really treats those cars right... you should 
hear that Ferrari V-12 wailing at rpm, the Cobra roaring during the 
high speed passes, the hysterically tweaked Camaro snarling...

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