<VV> Re: vega

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Wed Oct 19 12:03:59 EDT 2005

At 08:52 hours 10/18/2005, Frank DuVal wrote:
>Hey gang,
>When did the Vega come out (to compete with the
>Pinto?) Would it not be more difficult to continue
>making a car that had declining sales, when you're
>trying to launch something new, like a small econo
>1972, same as Pinto. Mavereck was 1971. These are model years.
>Frank DuVal

I thought it was 1971...  first Vega I ever drove was a dark blue 
coupe, demo car, at Hallman Chevy in November of '70 while home on 
leave from the military.    The first Pinto I ever drove was a yellow 
1971 Runabout, with a JC Whitney header I put on it, to replace the 
expensive and cracked exhaust manifold and no it didn't have the 
plastic condom on the differential or the long filler spout in the 
tank.   I drove it without fear.

By the way, the cancellation order for the Vair came down the pike in 
early '66 IIRC, long before the Vega came to pass.


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