<VV> Fan Belt Milage Report

Brown, David David.Brown at bsci.com
Wed Oct 19 11:23:52 EDT 2005

I went through 3 belts the 1st 2 weeks I had my Corvair, attended my 1st
club meeting, found out how to not over-tighten them, and now have over
25,000 miles (& 6 years) on the last belt (Clarks- standard wrapped).  I
also, early on, cleaned the rusty areas in the grooves which can greatly
help a belt's lifespan.
Corvair Houston
69 Monza cp, #3287, 140/4, 3.27 posi

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I'm not a meticulous record taker so it's not very often I can share
info like this.  In this case I can, so I thought it was worth sharing.

The Yuma Rampside had a zero'd odo so I know exactly how long a
particular fan belt lasted on my 'vair.  While one report is anacdotal,
if these kind of reports become common place on the list, like "Corvair
Sightings", maybe we can build a concensus.

Powertrain:  '61 4spd/3.55/80hp
Fan: Late Magnesium
Belt: Dayco 3L570
Mileage: 7400


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