<VV> Re. Corvair clutch diagnostic puzzle

cwiland at zzz.com cwiland at zzz.com
Wed Oct 19 19:38:29 EDT 2005

  You may want(or actually NOT want)to crawl up under the 
dash and get a good look at the brake pedal pivot and it's 
attachment to the pedal assembly. I had a similar problem 
awhile back which turned out to be a fractured assy where 
it supports the pivot and attaches to the pedal. The pedal 
assy is a stamped steel piece and on mine cracked with 
time, possibly aggravated by a HD (non-stock) pressure 
plate with way too stiff fingers. Mine acted for a short 
time the same as yours...then suddenly like a like a 
broken clutch cable.

Good luck!
Craig W.
Owner of good things air cooled

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