<VV> Corvair clutch diagnostic puzzle

Larry Forman larry at forman.net
Wed Oct 19 19:54:07 EDT 2005

Hi Doug,
I would recommend as a safety precaution, copying the page of the Tech Guide on How to Drive a car without an operating clutch.  Maybe place the paper in the glove box in addition to training her how to drive it SAFELY without a clutch.  Or you might practice if you have never done it yourself.  A little tricky and can be dangerous in the wrong hands (feet?).  However, I had the Greenbrier clutch give out just a block from home and I was able to successfully place it into 2nd gear for the short drive home.

This is a good skill to know about for emergencies and any clutch failure classifies as that.

Good luck checking out the other suggestions.

-- Larry
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Subject: <VV> Corvair clutch diagnostic puzzle
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> Hello gurus!  I need some diagnostic help.
> 2-1/2 months ago I replaced the clutch cable on my daughter's 1964 
> Spyder.  Since then it has been driven by her regularly, and the 
> clutch has worked fine.  Last night I drove it to the movies, and 
> as I turned into the parking lot and pressed the clutch, I felt 
> something through the pedal and suddenly the clutch began engaging 
> very close to the floor.  Besides the sudden change in the 
> engagement point, I noticed no other problems.  

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