<VV> Idle at last

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Wed Oct 19 21:46:29 EDT 2005

Took the 66 out several times today, about 20 miles in all,  and other than 
a slight misfire had no problems at all with the idle. CHT thermocouple on 
the # 2 sparkplug was consistent at 260-270F after seven miles at 45 mph in 
85F weather. Had the other one on the coil bolt & read about 160F. Have now 
moved thermocouple to the # 5 plug (according to my earlier survey, # 2 and 
# 5 are felt to run the hottest or, at least, are the most likely to drop 

Decided to leave washers on plugs so not to tear up the thermocouple surfaces.

Little hard to read, am going to have to pull dash again and remove the 
gauge lens which is flat and picked up a lot of glare. Is in the clock 
space so has the factory conical anti-glare lens in front but going to wait 
until I hear from Westach about how to remove and how to add lighting. 
Consequently the next project is the gas gauge which reads E alla time. 
Have new float, sock, rubber ring, and steel ring so am ready.

Did have the gen/fan light glow a bit and may be the reason the voltage 
adjustment was set to 17ish volts. Took some emory cloth to the relay 
contacts and glow went away. Doesn't anyone remember these things ?



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