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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 19 22:17:04 EDT 2005

Bruce wrote:
> a 185/80-13 is essentially the same diameter as a stock 6.50-13

Well, that is a nice theory, and theoretically it should be true, but in the practical world of buying tires, a side by side comparison of an original 6.50-13 to the tire you are buying is the only real measure that you can trust. I have seen tires the same size from different manufacturers vary over two inches in diameter, and then there are those tires of the same brand name but a different "line" or "model" and I have seen those also vary in actual physical size.

And this is not to mention those tires that -- I'll call it 'change' -- that change size when mounted and inflated -- some do, some don't.

Tires are like shoes -- you buy 'em over the internet, you get what you pay for. They need to be purchased directly and "tried on" -- just like we all used to buy shoes. Some of us probably still do. You get a better fit.

I have a pair of custom made boots and was told they are about a 9 1/2 C -- they still fit and are the same size they used to be. I have several pairs of Tony Lama boots in that same size. However, if I go buy a pair of 'athletic shoes' made in SE Asia, they need to be at least 11 and sometimes bigger to fit.

Now, since rants seem to be all the rage, I'm sure you don't want me to rant on about tires, but I just do not understand folks who post to automotive lists asking what size shoes should I buy. Maybe your ride height is different (and I dare say that they probably are *all* different what with the age of the cars & some have newer springs etc), maybe the interior dimensions of your wheel well are different -- how would someone else know what fits *your* car?!!

see, I stopped.

Bill Strickland

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