<VV> Corvair clutch diagnostic puzzle

Larry Forman Larry at Forman.net
Wed Oct 19 23:45:57 EDT 2005

Hi Doug,
You got me!  I clearly remembered looking at it on the left side of the 
page.  So I checked the entire Tech Guide and Supplement and sure enough, 
NADA!  Then I checked another handy reference that I thought might have it 
-- Richard Finch's "HTKYCA" and THERE it was on the left side of page 84 
under the heading "Clutch Cable".  Sorry for steering you wrong.

On the other hand, did you find several interesting tech articles while 
looking over the entire Tech Guide and Supplement as I did?   That Tech 
Guide continues to amaze me with it's versatility and depth of Corvair tips 
and information.  Richard's book is very good also.


At 01:38 AM 10/20/2005 +0100, Doug Mackintosh wrote:
>You got me going, so I pulled out my Tech Guide again and tried to find 
>the instructions.  I looked in the Clutch section and the Miscellaneous 
>section, but couldn't find it.  Do you know which page its on?  My wife 
>would tell you I could be looking right at it but not see it!
>Larry Forman <larry at forman.net> wrote:
>Hi Doug,
>I would recommend as a safety precaution, copying the page of the Tech 
>Guide on How to Drive a car without an operating clutch. Maybe place the 
>paper in the glove box in addition to training her how to drive it SAFELY 
>without a clutch. Or you might practice if you have never done it 
>yourself. A little tricky and can be dangerous in the wrong hands (feet?). 
>However, I had the Greenbrier clutch give out just a block from home and I 
>was able to successfully place it into 2nd gear for the short drive home.
>This is a good skill to know about for emergencies and any clutch failure 
>classifies as that.
>Good luck checking out the other suggestions.
>-- Larry

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