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Bill Elliott Corvair at fnader.com
Thu Oct 20 11:46:15 EDT 2005

I think one of the reasons that the springs all seem too tall (but didn't back then) is what began this 
discussion to start with.

Take a look at this picture of my wife's '67 vert:

Stock springs, non-HD, 54k original miles.  It "looks" right, but I have some rubbing at the top of the 
fender with 205/65VR14 ties (which Bruce can tell you are WAY too short) on stock GM Camaro rims. If 
the tires are short, there is no way I should have rubbing.

So I started measuring. The key measurement is from the hub to the fender (as that removes tire size 
from the equation). (The car is pictured with 185/80R13 tires on it)

My other remaining Corvair is a '66 Corsa 
pictured here with 225/50ZR15 tires. For the front springs, I used a set of very low mileage OEM HD 
springs cut a full coil.

The two cars measure EXACTLY the same hub to fender. So obviously the vert is sagging badly...even 
though it "looks" right with the modern tires. 

Does anyone have factory measurements hub to fender?


>In a message dated 10/20/2005 8:00:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>bwschug at charter.net writes:

>> Padgett wrote:
>> >For a picture of a LM with replacement springs etc &P185/80R13 BFGs 
>> >see http://padgett.ws/files/vair5.jpg 

>Do you get nose bleeds when driving that?  ggg   ALL  the replacement springs 
>seem way too tall.....and I was around lots of Vairs in the 60's...

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