<VV> Miscellaneous turbo fuel issues

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Thu Oct 20 11:58:09 EDT 2005

Well, I am still having issues with tuning on the '65 turbo.

I think the main problem is bad fuel and maybe a dirty tank, but I thought I
would toss this whole thing out there for comments.

The car has the following problems:

-Sudden loss of power and stalling with no ability to restart.

-Erratic/high idle.

-Rough running, missing.

-Run on after ignitition is shut off.

-Massive backfires if the tranny is used to kill the motor quickly after

Timing is set to 22 deg BTDC.  There is no pressure retard (waiting on my
safeguard), ignition consists of new mag wires, new plugs, new Pertronix II
and new high output coil.  Carb is a rebuilt unit from Clarks.

Also, I drove the car on the freeway for the first time last night.  It was
rather cool but I still saw temps of about 425 on the temp gauge, which is
higher than I am used to on the red Corsa.

The carb does not seem to have any linkage issues, and I think I have the
choke adjusted properly.  I am considering pulling the rebuilt carb off the
car and putting the original one back on.  Right now I am having the fuel
lines purged and the tank cleaned.

I had the stalling problem last weekend.  I replaced the plastic filter with
a glass one.  There was some sediment and creap in the clear plastic fuel
filter but it didn't look plugged to me.

I did add some additive to the gas, but I think the most probable culprit
would be bad gas.  If I am thinking right, this would explain the erratic
performance (every time some water comes down the line, the car wants to
stall), the run on, the intermittent stalling.  Erratic and sometimes fast
idle?  I'm not sure on that one.  Backfires?  I suppose that could be bad
gas, if the stuff doesn't burn well enough in the engine but cooks off in
the hot exhaust.

I'm interested in your thoughts, suggestions.


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