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Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Thu Oct 20 17:23:41 EDT 2005

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From: "Norman C. Witte" <ncwitte at wittelaw.com>

> Well, I am still having issues with tuning on the '65 turbo.
> -Rough running, missing.
> -Run on after ignitition is shut off.
> safeguard), ignition consists of new mag wires, new plugs, new Pertronix
> and new high output coil.  Carb is a rebuilt unit from Clarks.
> Norm
Hi ... first thing is to make sure your Pertronics red wire is on a 12 volt
source, not on the coil + feed.
Oh, Oh, a new thread .... (g) ... sorry, but I think this was never
understood well ..

PUT the FRRREAKING red wire on a 12( 14 ) volt source.

Hmmm .running on usually means a too lean mix ... or carboned up cylinders
that have hot spots acting as spark plugs .... just for fun, when you do a
key-off, and in the 3 seconds that your turbo is still spinning, give it 3
or 4 accelerator pumps ... with luck, some of this will get a jolt of fuel
to the cylinders, and maybe the run-on will not happen.  This is just a
crutch, and won[t fix the real problem.

If it were me, and I wasnt collecting, I would be finding an SU carb ( the
medium sized ones ...   1.7 inch dia intake types are on ebay, usually
several at a time.  ) even if I had to have a machine shop mill out an
adapter .... they are never quite perfectly set, but they always work ...
also just think .... you would actually have something on your rig that is
100 years older than the car itself !!
Not saying your carb is the problem, (s) ... but I had my YH built, rebuilt,
refixed, retuned, hated ( I threw that in there ) , bent, straightened,
reset ..... ball float valves ... polished .... sealed .....  all by corvair
doctors .. and even me a couple times .... I think it worked 2 weeks in a
row one time ...
 The idea of the YH is terrific, after all it'[s an improved SU, but it does
seem to hate being in a corvair ...   Hey, maybe it's based on the FU model,
not the SU  ( sorry ) ...
....... anyway, its usually the power enrichener thingies in the YH ....
reargards, ken campbell, iowa

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