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Jim McLott Jim.McLott at DOR.GA.GOV
Thu Oct 20 13:23:02 EDT 2005

Padgett wrote:

For a picture of a LM with replacement springs etc &P185/80R13 BFGs 
see http://padgett.ws/files/vair5.jpg 

PatioMatt wrote:

Do you get nose bleeds when driving that?  ggg   ALL  the replacement
springs seem way too tall.....and I was around lots of Vairs in the

Jim writes:

Yeah, I really liked the way Christine sat on the road with her old
springs.  After the front suspension was completely rebuilt (crossmember
was rusted, yada, yada, yada), the replacement springs made her ride
nose-high.  The solution was new springs in the back.  Now she rides
level and the ride height is almost exactly what the shop manual says it
should be, but she *looks* like she's riding high.  Maybe filling in the
wheel wells with bigger tires would help.  Right now I'm using
P185/80R13.  Guess I'll browse the archives and find if there's a better
match for the original 7.00x13.

Jim McLott & Christine, the 1966 Monza convertible she-devil
Member: CORSA, Corvair Atlanta and Group Red (Ret.)


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