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Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Thu Oct 20 13:56:53 EDT 2005

>  Their literature or web site or the Tire Rack's will usually give the 
> tire diameter, as well as
>other important specs of the tire you're considering.

Figure Corky Coker's web site is probably going to be pretty accurate. He 
lists the 6.50x13 as 24.58" diameter and a 7.00x13 (actually extrapolating 
from 7.00x14) 25.80". Am really dredging now but there were a bunch of 
oddball sizes that had some indication of the profile. Think .00 meant a 
full profile,  .50 or .70 (e.g. 6.70x15 Corvette) meant a low profile (90 
?) and a .x5 (e.g. 7.35x14) meant 80.

This would explain why a 7.00x13 would have been more than an inch taller 
than a 6.50x13. Would someone who knows for sure please speak up. I used to 
have a "Tire Guide" from about 1978 that explained it all but have not seen 
for a few years.

Some charts can be found at http://www.tireguides.com/tip6.html . Keep in 
mind that a 175x13 is taller than a P175/80R13.

You really need a scorecard, it is confusing.


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