<VV> Tirez

edwin d lindsay wfcc at juno.com
Thu Oct 20 14:04:18 EDT 2005

 Also if you look at the Ads they very rarely show things like outside
rear view mirrors, radio antennas and exhaust pipes................


West Florida Corvair Club

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 10:53:42 -0400 Padgett <pp2 at 6007.us> writes:
> >BUT, if you want that stock "look" of an original 1960 Corvair 
> sedan --
> >like the 1959 Chevy ad I have copied for wallpaper on this 
> terminal
> Keep in mind that any relationship between the advts and the real 
> cars is 
> purely coincidental. For the ads, they often made extensive use of 
> sandbags 
> and airbrushes to create the low , wide look the marketeers 
> wanted..
> Padgett 

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