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Thu Oct 20 17:41:13 EDT 2005

The issues with these trannies is quite basic.
1. Nearly every other engine in the world turns the other way from a  
Corvair. Although, reversing a Corvair engine is actually very doable. 
2. FWD longitudinal trannies ALL have the engine in front of the transaxle.  
Saab 99s, et al, not included, since the tranny is also the oil pan! As such,  
you'll get five speeds BACKWARDS. 
3. Transaxles don't like being run backwards. But you might be able to run  
them upside down. Alas, ground clearance rears its ugly head. 
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kirbyasmith at gwi.net writes:

>  Basic layout transaxles that might do the work: Audi and Subbieroo.
>  Chris Cookeville '78 VW Westy (Corvair powered)
Ignoring the  argument about when a Corvair isn't a Corvair, somewhere 
between changing  the o-ring material and changing the drive train, I can 
report that the  Audi transaxle and tranny are like that of the Corvair 
in the sense that  the drive for the front wheels goes from clutch thru 
the diff and into the  tranny and then returns to the diff.  Quattro 
Audis have the power  split in the tranny via a torsen arrangement in the 
tranny tail piece and  the rear wheel power continues aft to the rear 
differential via two CV  joints, a U-joint and two drive shafts.  (Anyone 
for Corvair  all-wheel drive?)  I do not recall in which direction the 
engine  rotates versus the wheels to know if an Audi assembly would 
provide a  Corvair 5 speeds in forward or reverse.  I'll try to remember 
to  look.

The 5th gear on my ur-S6 is an overdrive ratio, maybe 0.79:1 TBD,  and 
the differentials are 4.11:1, I think.  One might also consider  6-speed 
trannys from neu-S4s.  I don't know their  particulars.


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