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Given that the weakest 911 makes more HP than most Corvair engines, I'd say  
they'd last fine in a non hi performance application. The 901s aren't THAT  
fragile. Even in the early 911Ss with 180 HP, it took a LOT to break one of  
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At least  a 915 unless the Corvair engine is really close to stock or you are 
really  a careful driver. 901 trans ended in '71 in 911T and then in '72, the 
915-Why? Because the 901 wasn't strong enough.

Chuck S
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>  The Porsche 901 tranny isn't expensive ($300 or so) with a huge number of  
> gear ratios available but the 915 tranny (tranny number, not car  number) 
> is a better, stronger tranny. More expensive though. Gene  Berg has a 5 
> speed Beetle conversion kit and rumors that they will  have a VW Bus tranny 
> kit available eventually. Hope this helps...  Chris
> Cookeville, TN
> '78 VW Westy (Corvair powered/Corvair  shifted)
> '65 Beetle 2.0 (Type IV, want 5 speed Berg  someday)


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