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Clark's Tire Comparison chart lists the 6/50 x 13 diameters at 23.75
inches. The 175/80/13 tires are listed at 24.O inches. Coker's tire
chart measurements for their 6.50 x 13 tires list them at 24.7 inches in
diameter. 185/80/13 tires measure at approximately 24.6 inches. This is
comparable to the 7.00 x 13 tire. Whose measurements are accurate? 


The ultimate goal is to have as close to yesterday's whitewall look with
today's ride, handling, traction and braking advantages. The choices are
becoming fewer as it goes but Diamond Back Classics offers their own
tires. Online tires offers Hercules (the base tire for Diamond Back),

Toyo and Firestone. Cooper and Yokohama make tires for our Corvairs too.


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