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Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 20 21:57:32 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I responded to Don off the list but after thinking about it, I think some
others may not be aware either of the Yahoo UltraVan Group.  I sure wasn't
before we bought ours.


You have the opportunity there to ask over 100 UltraVan owners for their
perspective and experiences.  Most of the members have their UltraVan
pictured on the WebShots site that is easily found by searching for
"UltraVan" from any web search engine or linked to from the CORSA website.
The Yahoo group is a little harder unless you know to search the Yahoo
Groups.  I would suggest joining the Yahoo Group and the National clubs
Group UltraVan and UVMCC for anyone interested in learning more about them.

Hope that helps,

Dan Kling

1961 Greenbrier Deluxe, 4spd, 3.89  On the Road Again,  yeehaw :)
1963 Spyder, restored   4spd Saginaw
1967 Ultravan #299  Newest of the herd!! Almost killed me already!!

A few pictures of the Greenbrier, more to come!

Bryan Blackwell said:

>I've not seen another answer, if you haven't heard anything direct let
>me know and I'll dig up a couple e-mail addresses of UV owners.
>Perhaps they didn't notice your note the first time.

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