<VV> wheel well-hub height....ride height

ericmpholz ericmpholz at netzero.net
Thu Oct 20 22:02:38 EDT 2005

For those looking for the wheel well to center hub height,

On my '63 vert with 2 week old front HD Clark springs (with a good 500mi on
them) and firm but vintage rear HD springs, I have the following heights to
Front left  12.25"
Rear left   12.50"
Front right 11.75"
Rear right  12.00"

Front: .25" lower than corresponding rear with a full tank of gas.
When I sit in the vehicle I assume that the .25" and then some will
disappear and more than even out the car. :')

How does this compare to the rest of you guys?

Eric Holz
'63 vert

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