Corvair Attributes Re: <VV> Vega (No Corvair)

Bill Elliott Corvair at
Fri Oct 21 08:49:52 EDT 2005

>"German engineers" Gracie?  Never worked on a 1950's Jag, or a late-60's
>Vette have you Ned?  Very British Girling and even stodgy old Delco-Moraine
>came up with the very same arrangement considerably before Volkswagen!  (The
>924, like it's marketing cousin, the 914, were only "Porsches" in the
>US.....the result of a Joint Marketing Agreement that produced a pair of
>"sheep in wolves clothing" that Porsche wished they'd NEVER been associated

The Porsche 924S has very little to do with the original 924 except for appearance. (And even the original 924 was the best handling 4 seater Porsche to 
date...just had no power to go along with it.)  While the 924 used the VW/Audi engine, the 924S used the Porsche 944 drivetrain, making the cheap 924S 
faster than the more powerful (and much more expensive) 944. 

The eventual evolution of the 944 to the 944 Turbo S WAS embarrassing for Porsche because the Turbo S was a superior car in every way to the twice as 
expensive 911 and would have been the fastest car Porsche had ever made had they not purposely kept the power low so as not to compete performance 
wise with the 911 Turbo.


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