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JVHRoberts at JVHRoberts at
Fri Oct 21 07:30:34 EDT 2005

Yes, it is. In fact, nearly all of today's cars have gone to the drum in  the 
disc parking brake. Too many problems with the parking brake in the caliper  
design. Like cars with automatics, where the owner never uses the parking 
brake,  and this is necessary to adjust the brakes on such cars. Otherwise, the 
pedal  just keeps getting lower to the floor, until you use the thing a few 
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AeroNed at writes:

The  rear  rotor had a small drum and "baby" shoes just for the    
emergency/parking brake.

OK The Porsche wasn't the first but I  still think it's a neat design. Plus  
those little shoes are so cute  :^).



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