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Fri Oct 21 07:27:25 EDT 2005

Although you are correct, when it comes to mating other transmissions to a  
Corvair engine, this view of which way it turns hardly matters. At the flywheel 
 end, a Corvair turns opposite from nearly every other engine out there. 
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So far,  unless I missed something, I didn't see a definite answer to Lew's 
question,  so I get my .02 worth in here.

My opinion is the Corvair spins the same  as every other GM engine. Just 
because the PTO is at the front of the engine  instead of the rear doesn't mean 
the engine is mounted in the car backwards.  It was always confusing to me to 
stand at the front of a water pumper with my  right hand on the left (drivers 
side) fender. Why? The car is to be viewed  from the drivers seat behind the 
steering wheel, thus the drivers side fender  is the left side, and viewing the 
engine rotation, it doesn't matter where the  engine is, it rotates the same 
way from where I sit as the driver.

Yes  / No?


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