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SCCA  couldn't/can't run a Pro-Racing series to save it's ass!  Waaaay  too
much of the old "Scotch and Soda Gentleman Racer" influence in the  upper
echelons of SCCA to understand the economic realities of Pro  racing!

Yeah!  I LOVED how SCCA would do whatever it took regarding  Classes to keep
BMC/British Leyland cars competative/dominant....up to and  including such
transparent manuvers as shoving both the Yenko and Datsun  240Z's into CP
where a 2.7 liter pushrod 6 and a 2.4 liter OHC 6 got to run  against a 4.2
liter OHC Jag....while that slug of a TR-6 had DP all to  itself!

All of this is why John Bishop joined forces with Billy France  to form
IMSA.....which really was a "Pro"  organization!


Yenkos were never in C/Production. Always D/P then GT3, now E/Production.  
And SCCA is doing a pretty good job with the Speed World Challenge/GT. Full  
fields, lots of different manufacturer involvement and both the driver and  
manufacturer championships down to the last race.
You can't ask much more. - Seth

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