<VV> low octane gas accident

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Fri Oct 21 14:59:33 EDT 2005

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. Usually, you only need the higher octane
under extreme conditions, but then who can manage to avoid taking a Corvair
to the extreme?

Bob Henry
water ... cool clear water .....
a gallon of water is cheaper than a gallon of 93 octane ....
you can run 89 or so in your turbo if your water injector starts early.
also a half can of 104 octane booster in a tank will raise it 2 or 3 points;
throw a can in your E-kit for when you get some low O fuel.
With low O I also tried retarding the whole distributor curve ( twisting the
distributor ) with my turbo, but my golly that seemed to make things real
weird ... my 110 stocker works good that way, with low octane it runs ok
with 8 ^ btdc initial, stoppered 20 ^ total mechanical .... kinda doggy on
the top, but runs ok.  If I use full 36^ total mechanical and higher O fuel,
I pick up about 5 mph on wfo top end ... I could care less ... usually ...
regards, ken campbell, care less in iowa ...

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