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On my  '65 Monza, the ignition key can be removed in any position -- Off, 
Run,  Accy ---  is this normal?  Or should I buy a new keylock  assy??

Thanks in advance

Jim Houston
Brandon,  FL

It isn't correct, but it is normal (by now). It is due to wear. The earlies  
had this as a "feature", with their assisted switch design, you could pull the 
 key in the off position and start and stop the car without the  key. People 
who left their car like this could return to find it gone!  If the key was 
pulled in the lock postion, the switch wouldn't turn. In  the 65. there is no 
"off" position, just accessory, lock, on and start  positions. (Off is lock on 
the 65-up). The key should be retained in the switch  in the Accessory, On and, 
of course, Start positions. If the key is removed  in the "On" position, how 
could you turn off the car?  (The 65 has a flat  front ignition switch, rather 
than the "tapered guide" of the  earlies) You  might start thinking about a  

Seth  Emerson
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