<VV> Vendor Bashing? / humor

Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 23 00:11:44 EDT 2005

I say what's the point of all this bashing??? Why not bumper bashing or
tailight bashing or hood bashing??? WHY does it have to be just FENDER
bashing....................What's that..... OH you said vendor 
bashing ........well

Emily LaTella
At 11:53 PM 10/22/2005, you wrote:
>I agree with the "when it clogs up the system" part and that was 
>part of what I was trying to say.
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>Later, JR
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>>My cut on "Vendor Bashing" may be a little different than how it has been
>>Seems more like the restriction of bashing "FROM" vendors, rather than "OF"
>>vendors, except adding the verbal bashing of the actual operating  person.
>>That actual wording was phrased that way because of certain prior occurances.
>>Unless it drags down the level of discussion on  Virtual Vairs and 
>>clogs up the
>>E-mail  of hundreds. Then it has to stop.
>>Seth  Emerson

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