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Harry Yarnell hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 23 14:54:47 EDT 2005

Early this summer I asked the list about suggestions for concrete floor paint. Here's my report:
I chose Behr Concrete floor epoxy paint. 5 gallon pail. $100. Three bay garage.
Scrubbed the floor (25 years old) with Simple Green, primed with Behr primer, and topcoated. Waited one week before placing a vehicle on it. Early July.
Well, here it's four months later, and the finish is holding up just fine; except the two bays where cars are stored (parked), there is SLIGHT lifting of the paint where the tires sit. The service bay, that gets the most abuse, is perfect.
Now my floor isn't as polished as the floor at Home Depot (how do they get that concrete so mirror smooth?), but what a difference sweeping makes. No more dusting when brooming!

Harry Yarnell
Perryman Garage and Orphanage
hyarnell1 at earthlink.net

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