<VV> Two questions, 1. Gas Gauge and 2. Tail lights

JRVIDRINE at aol.com JRVIDRINE at aol.com
Sun Oct 23 15:29:04 EDT 2005

I am driving my car fairly regularly now.  I still have two  problems.  The 
first is the gas gauge.  I have changed the sending  unit and put a new float 
on it.  I always did have some erratic readings or  more correctly it worked 
erratically.  Now it simply doesn't work.  It  stays on E or sometimes below E.  
A month ago it was working and then  started this.  If I pull the wire from 
the sending unit it goes to full  which is what I think it should be doing in 
that case.  The ground wire is  properly attached to the unibody.  I have a 
multi meter (but don't know  much about them).  If anyone knows the cause and 
correction for this I  anxiously await information.  I gas up every time I go 
anywhere in it which  is insurance.
The second problem are the rear tail light/brake/turnsignal lights.   At one 
time they worked but not all the time.  I have replaced the engine  
compartment wiring harness which includes the wires for those lights.  Now  the original 
fixtures are rough and that may be part of it.  I have  recently attached 
ground wire (18 gauge) around the outer fixture, soldered it  and attached the 
ends to a good ground.  This didn't change anything.  
Here are the symptoms:
    1. Head Lights on --- both taillights on
    2. Brakes applied --- left brake light comes on,  right one does not.
    3. Right turn signal --- doesn't work (although it  is flashing on the 
    4. Left turn signal --- WORKS.
Any ideas on this?  I will replace the fixtures if those are part of  the 
problem.  I appreciate any and all help offered.
Randy Vidrine
Branch, LA 
62 Monza Coupe

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