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JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Sun Oct 23 15:35:18 EDT 2005

Save the aggravation. I have 86+ CRI, 3500K T8 fluorescents with electronic  
ballasts, and I have ZERO doubt that incandescents NOT be an improvement. 
These  fluorescents are GREAT! No flicker, starts when it's very cold, and have  
excellent color rendition. And, all the time, using less energy than standard  
shop lights, and FAR less than incandescents. 
Got my fixtures at Home Depot, and got my tubes online, a case of 25, for  
under $3 a tube. Mine were the Philips ALTO, F32T8/835PLUS. GE, Sylvania, and  
others make similar tubes. You want the high CRI variety, they show colors a 
lot  better, and are a bit more efficient. 
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jb30343 at navix.net writes:

I agree  too, and I'll add an additional tip.  Mixing a little bit  of
incandescent light with your flo's can give you a big boost in  CRI.  In
a garage as big as yours, I would consider a low level of  base lighting
for the whole garage and task lighting in each work  area.  I'd probably
use a mix of flo's and incandescent.   --J.B.

Rad Davis wrote:
> I agree completely  with Kent about getting some high-index
> fluorescents.  You get a  lot of eye fatigue from cool white flouros, and
> even more from mercury  vapor and sodium.  If you're feeling really poor,
> you can mix  soft white and cool white fluorescent tubes in the same
> fixture.   It looks odd, but throws a more balanced light.  The high-index
>  tubes are my choice, though, and they're not so much more expensive  that
> you'll break the bank on them.


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